Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Is Eminem trying to break free from the Illuminati?

I’m not sure if Eminem has yet managed to escape the grasp of the Illuminati—the secret society of string pullers whose ranks he joined years ago in exchange for wealth, fame, and power—but I know he’s been trying very hard. Numerous people online tell me so. There is, for starters, a Yahoo Answers page that poses the question “Is Eminem trying to break free from the Illuminati?” and offers spirited excavation and analysis of the hidden anti-Illuminati messages Eminem embedded in his song “Not Afraid.” There is a four-page message-board thread titled “Is Eminem an Illuminati slave?” A YouTube video called “Eminem vs. Illuminati” explains, via solemn text and creepy music, that when the Detroit M.C. titled a song “Cinderella Man,” it was not because the redemptive plot of the 2005 Ron Howard film Cinderella Man echoes Eminem’s own comeback from drug addiction, but rather because, like Cinderella with her wicked stepsisters, Eminem was “forced to do the chores for the Illuminati by sending subliminal messages through his music.” Ignore any comment-section sheep who bah that this is ridiculous: When that video ends, the hunt for truth has only just begun. From a list of suggested related videos, you can choose “Eminem: His illuminati sacrifice Part 1”; “Eminem Fights Back Against The illuminati”; “Eminem against illuminati 2011!”; “Eminem My Darling Illuminati” and on and on. Some of the Eminem/Illuminati videos have been viewed 5,000 times. Others, close to 300,000.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sarkodie Wins BET Award

Ghana’s king of the mic, Sarkodie, has won the Best International Act
(Africa) at this year’s Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards which came off at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles Sunday night.
The Ghanaian, who was recently crowned Artiste of the Year at the 2012 Ghana Music Awards, together with the Nigerian artiste Wizkid, were announced joint winners of the award.
The two beat off competition from Iceprince (Nigeria), Camp Mulla (Kenya), Mokobe (Mali) and Lira (South Africa) to win the award which was jointly won by Nigerian artistes, D’banj and 2face Idibia last year.
The award makes the ‘Dangerous’ rapper the first Ghanaian to win a BET Award after failed attempts by Kojo Antwi and D-Black.
An elated Sarkodie tweeted after winning the award that “From da streets of TMA str8 2 @BET_Intl …. God has been too good 2 me.. Love ma fans promise we’ll go higher; just save some love 4 me…”

N15 Scam Jim Iyke Fires Back,

 The war looming between Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke and Habiba Abubakar over an alleged 15million naira scam against the actor may degenerate into a full blown one if things are not quickly dealt with.
Just on Thursday, published an apology documents indicating that Jim Iyke begged to get the case off his hook in court rather than his claims that it was out of court for lack of evidence.

Also, when contacted his manager, Omar Oyin Bala, he claimed that those documents may have been forged by Habiba to rubbish his boss in public.

Two days ago, Jim Iyke took to his usual platform, Twitter to lash out on Habiba and others. He started with this tweet,
"many thanks to my family, friends and fans for forging virtues in me I didn't have. Thanks to haters too for the absolute conviction, failure wasn't an option."

Tweeting further,
"it is my vent as well as therapy. I'm going to do five Michael Blackson's inspired shout outs and five 'who am I' inspired game questions. Enjoy!! Lol! Ok! Ready? Five shout outs! Lol!

He sarcastically started his shout out this way,
"1. Shout out to the bleached psychopath from the North that went and got a tummy tuck and breast reduction to boost her external low self esteem.

2. "Shout out to all d socio-paths that came on to hard working brothers with bogus business formats then resort to blackmail when they don't get laid. Wtf! Lmao!

3. "Shout out to the creeps that turned my age to a guessing game. Keep speculating, but will never get it because you all are so dim 'witted'. The joke is on you retards!

4. "Shout out to that fag nigga 'bdemmy' (Bidemi) and the other 'he b**ches' at the bottom of the food chain with jokes about debt. It is business b**ches! get off my di*k! No homo.

5. "Shout out to my fake-ass colleagues and friends that smile in my face and stick a stiletto in the small of my back! My name's still IKECHUKWU!

6. "The last and by no means the least. Shout out to TeamJimIyke and all my true fans out there. Without you, I'm nothing! I love you all ferociously!!

"Phew! That felt so good finally! 'My body don com down.' Certain truths had to be told. We continue with 'who am I' tomorrow. Goodnight folks! Lol

With Jim Iyke's outburst on some certain sets of people, one cannot denied the fact that this might just be the beginning to more dirty fights coming up soon.